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Senator Peter B. Boorsma Award (International)

Chair: James Douglas (NC)
Allen Rosenbaum (ASPA International Director)
Ludmila Gajdosova

Morris W. H. Collins Award (Doctoral Student Paper)

Chair: Kathleen Hale (Al)
Eddie French (MS)
Mark Bradbury (NC)

Robert L. Kline Award (Masters’ Student Paper)

Chair: John Topinka (TN)
Stephanie Bellar (AR)
Linda McNish (NC)

Donato J. Pugliese Award (Service to SECoPA)

Chair: Jo Ann Ewalt (SC)
Jared Llorens (LA)
Earle Klay (FL)

Kathryn E. Hensley Distinguished Public Service Practitioner Award

Chair: Bill Solomon (FL)
Anne Osborne Kilpatrick (SC)
Shiri Anderson (TN)


Chair: Casey Seidman (FL)
Roslyn Alic-Batson (FL)
Kenneth Hunter (NC)
Matthew L. Howell (KY)
Dan Lasseter (GA)


Chair: Anne Osborne Kilpatrick (SC)
Kathy Hensley (SC)
Ed Jennings (KY)
Alessandra Jerolleman (LA)
Wes Meares (GA)

Finance (Click Here for Policies)

Chair: Will Hatcher (GA)
Gary Rassell (NC)
Ines Beecher (FL)
Kathy Hensley (SC)

Nominations and Elections

Chair: John Kiefer (LA)
Claire Knox (FL)
Eddie French (MS)


Chair: Shannon Vaughan (KY)
Kathy Hensley (SC)
Sandy RIbando (GA)
Meg Streams (TN)

Site Selection

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Chair: Suzanne Leland (NC)
Jerrell Coggburn (NC)
Calvin Sims (GA)

2017 Conference Committee

Chair: Glenn Joseph (FL)
Program Chair: Agathan Caraballo (FL)
Program Chair: Roslin-Alic Batson (FL)

Conference Chair Transition Task Force

Chair: Tom Barth (NC)
Jerrell Coggburn (NC)
John Kiefer (LA)

Policy Advocacy Task Force

Chair: Calvin Sims (GA)
Terry Murphy (FL)
Joy Clay (TN)
Sheri Empeno (CA)
Glenn Jopseh (FL)
Matthew Howell (KY)



Nominations and Elections Committee Guidelines and Procedures

The Nominations and Elections Committee consists of three people appointed by the SECoPA President, two of whom are on the Board of Directors or former members of the Board. The third member is an at-large member of SECoPA. It is desirable that the committee members will have been active in SECoPA and be knowledgeable about individuals in the profession of public administration who have served in their local chapters, on national ASPA committees, and on SECoPA committees in the past or otherwise made an impact in the field.

Committee Chair:
The committee chair shall be a current or former SECoPA Board member.

Background and Duties:
The committee is responsible for having a clear understanding of which board or officer positions are vacant in the upcoming year. The Board consists of twelve members – eight who serve as Directors, with four Officers. The President-Elect automatically becomes President each year at the fall conference. The Secretary and Treasurer are appointed by the President in consultation with the President-Elect for a two year term. The archivist is appointed by the board for a term of not less than three years. No Director shall serve more than two consecutive terms. Every year, the President-Elect will be a vacant position that must be filled, along with, four Directors and any officer or Director positions that are announced as vacant in the previous year and have not been filled by the Board as provided in the bylaws.

The committee chair shall seek recommendations from the Nominations and Elections Committee and the Board of Directors for Board vacancies. When considering nominees, the committee shall seek to provide a broad representation of the geographical states that are members of SECoPA, as well as a mix of individuals of diverse backgrounds that would strengthen and provide efficient service to the organization.

Prior to contacting the proposed nominees from the committee, the committee chair shall consult with the President, past President and President-elect as to their knowledge of the qualifications of the individuals being proposed. Special attention shall be given to the leadership and professional skills that the individuals bring to the Board.

Once a consensus is obtained, the committee chair shall contact the nominees by either email or telephone to request that they serve on the Board. A “slate” shall be completed and provided to the entire Board of Directors prior to the annual meeting and must be approved by a two-thirds (66%) vote of approval by the Board.

The committee chair shall also be sure to invite “new” board members to the “pre-conference board” meeting, which is held at the annual meeting. The committee chair shall also inform the nominees of the requirements of board members stipulated in the SECoPA bylaws. Board membership will be withdrawn when a Director fails to pay any required ASPA dues for any year of his/her eligibility. Officers and board members are expected to attend all SECoPA board meetings unless excused by the President with two absences annually resulting in the member being asked to resign. The committee chair shall also inform the nominees that board members are expected to participate on SECoPA committees. Nominees should understand that a commitment of time is necessary, especially in the officer positions.

Other nominees shall be included in a list that is sent to the President in order to include them in other SECoPA committee assignments. This is a great idea for newer members of SECoPA in order to introduce them to the organization and to enable them to get involved.

(Approved by SECoPA Board October 5, 2005)
(Amended by SECoPA Board October 16, 2016)